It all starts with you.

It takes a special kind of person to make it in real estate. The nature of this self-reliant business requires a leap of faith – faith in your ability to sell yourself as much as your ability to sell properties. For many, this means giving up a steady job with guaranteed pay, fueled by the belief that you can achieve great results for yourself and your family.

If you didn’t possess this drive and self-confidence, you would have chosen a different path entirely. But, here you are, exploring an exciting, new professional opportunity. And if you’re going to buy a real estate brokerage, buy one that fits you. It might just be RE/MAX.

What are you thinking?

Whether you’re an agent looking to become a broker or an existing broker investigating a conversion – or even an investor with interest in the real estate business, you probably have concerns. Here are a few you might relate to:

  • You’re unsure you’re ready to be a Broker/Owner –
    you may question your ability to recruit or retain agents

  • You aren’t convinced that joining a franchise is necessary –
    or, you feel it may be cost-prohibitive

  • You’re recounting the rumors you’ve heard about
    RE/MAX over the years

  • And somewhere, in the back of your mind, you’re wondering
    exactly what it is that intrigues you about RE/MAX. Admit it, you’re
    curious, or you wouldn’t be here.

We will address the above concerns and many more as we guide you through our process. And as for those rumors: Trust us; we’ve heard them all. We call them RE/MAX Myths, and we’ll address them on various pages going forward.