You have goals; a franchise may help you reach them faster.

Why walk when you can run? When you join an established franchise brand like RE/MAX, you hit the ground running with more than 40 years of operational expertise and global recognition behind you. What’s more, you’re armed with many educational resources – both for helping you recruit top agents and for bettering your agents once they’re on your team.

In other words, why reinvent the wheel when RE/MAX has already taken that wheel and built a smooth-running vehicle around it? The beauty of a RE/MAX franchise is in the ability to duplicate systems in markets around the world, creating a blueprint for an aspiring Broker/Owner like you.

Trust comes with the territory.

Perhaps more than ever, real estate transactions have become emotional, life-changing events. Many customers have been burned by the housing market and are therefore cautious; they want to deal with agents they trust.

In their shoes, who would you trust? A globally recognized network like RE/MAX or Jane’s Real Estate Group? This is the difference between having to work to build confidence versus having confidence built in your business from the start.