You have a say in how your marketing dollars are spent. 

Not all marketing tactics are effective in every market. That’s why RE/MAX has created a set of resources to help you with your marketing needs. Combining our best practices with your market knowledge is an equation that works. We provide the tools needed to introduce your RE/MAX agents to the area and keep them going strong long after.

RE/MAX Design Center

The RE/MAX Design Center is our in-house marketing resource that enables agents to create their own flyers, listing presentations, email campaigns and multimedia campaigns. They can choose from more than 1,300 customizable templates!

Presence and Impact

Over the years, RE/MAX has launched numerous ad campaigns that promote the brand and create opportunities for RE/MAX offices in every market. At just about every turn, potential clients find RE/MAX ads – across TV, radio, print, outdoor signage, the Web and social media.

The World is Aware of You

RE/MAX has a presence in nearly 100 countries, which means much of our advertising has a worldwide audience. Why is this important? Because in today’s global economy, your next buyer can come from anywhere. Being with a brand recognized around the world – with the ability to promote listings globally and connect with RE/MAX colleagues and their clients – provides a significant advantage to you and your agents.