Recruiting the right agents is the lifeblood of your business.

At some point in your career you've likely encountered the "coffee drinker" agent – the guy who usually sits around the office, drinks the coffee and rarely, if ever, sells a property. This isn't the kind of agent you want working for you.

High Standards Yield Strong Results

People often wonder what makes RE/MAX different and how it is that RE/MAX agents are able to sell so much real estate around the world. Well, consider the following:

  • RE/MAX is an industry leader in professional designations.
  • RE/MAX agents are among the most productive in the industry.
  • RE/MAX has more than 106,000 agents and more than 7,000 offices in nearly 100 countries.

At RE/MAX, performance inspires performance, resulting in energetic and collaborative office environments. This in turn attracts even more top agents and reinforces the brand's winning image.

"Constantly updated recruiting resources"

As a RE/MAX Broker/Owner, you’ll have access to a variety of materials to help you add agents to your office. At both the local and regional levels, you'll have tools to help you identify strong candidates, reach out to them, communicate your value proposition and bring them on board.

What else attracts and KEEPS agents?

  • Mutual respect and consideration
  • No referral fees for leads from customers visiting through the LeadStreet program
  • Abundant training and continuing education resources
  • The RE/MAX brand – one that opens doors around the world