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Spoiler Alert: We charge much less than you think! The initial franchise fee varies slightly depending on location because some RE/MAX regions are independently owned and operated. The initial franchise fee ranges from $20,000 - $35,000 in large markets.
RE/MAX charges just 1% of the revenue and a small, monthly flat fee per associate. Most competitors charge royalties anywhere from 6% to 10%.
RE/MAX doesn't charge referral fees to you or your agents for leads gathered through the LeadStreet program. This proprietary lead management system has delivered millions of leads directly to RE/MAX agents, with no fees attached.
Yes! When you receive the FDD, you will also receive a list of all our existing owners and their contact information. You are welcomed to speak with as many franchise owners as you like. However, as part of your due diligence, we recommend visiting franchise owners in your region for information that would most directly apply to you.
The RE/MAX franchise agreement is a five-year renewable agreement.
From the time you are approved for a RE/MAX franchise, you have six months to open your office. This allows you to locate office space, tie up loose ends, and prepare for opening day!
Not necessarily. While the majority of our franchise owners were former real estate agents, we do have successful franchise owners who choose to hire real estate professionals to run their office(s) for them.